Motherwort Tincture


Botanical Name: Leonurus cardiaca

Part Used: Fresh leaves and flowers

Ingredients: Certified Biodynamic and Organic Motherwort, Certified Organic Pure Grain Alcohol, Spring water

Safety Consideration: Pregnant women avoid.

About Motherwort: This pink flowering herb is beloved by bees and women, and like a good friend in times of need, she supports us with her beauty and strength. Here in Herb Scoop Shop biodynamic gardens, motherwort grows prolifically near the rose garden. When in bloom, the roses and motherwort flowers are humming with honeybees and bumblebees -- truly a heart-healing experience to observe the bees amongst these herbs!

We harvest the flowering tops from our gardens in July and tincture them in organic alcohol. Motherwort is beneficial to women in many ways. It gently strengthens the female reproductive system, soothes menstrual and menopausal stress, supports healthy cardiovascular function and eases occasional stress due to busyness and overwork.


Biodynamic Agriculture is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to gardening and farming —

Around the world, people are studying and applying Biodynamic principles and practices in gardens, farms, and orchards to support the Earth’s healing and resilience. Based on the work of philosopher and scientist Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Biodynamics has continued to evolve and grow since 1924. From seed to bottle, we are dedicated to caring for our garden... soil, trees, medicinal plants, pollinators, each other, and you, with integrity, respect, and love.

Biodynamic Principles and Practices:

  • Views the soil and farm (or garden) as living organisms.
  • Places significant attention on soil health and plant, pollinator, and animal diversity.
  • Enhances compost, soil, and plant vitality through specific Biodynamic preparations.
  • Biodynamic fertility is generated from within the farm, reducing reliance on imported organic amendments and fertilizers.
  • Consciously works with seasonal, solar, and lunar rhythms.
  • Supports seed integrity and diversity (saving seeds, using only organic and Biodynamic seeds, favoring open-pollinated and heirloom varieties).
  • Approaches pests and diseases holistically (seeking to understand underlying imbalances and shift farming practices to bring the whole farm into balance).
  • Biodynamic farmers treat animals with the utmost respect.
  • Encourages the gardener/farmer to cultivate daily awareness and mindfulness practices, staying inwardly and outwardly attuned to the spirit of the farm & farmer.
  • Biodynamic certification upholds standards of agricultural integrity, ecological diversity, and social responsibility, far surpassing USDA Organic standards. Join with us in supporting holistic agriculture committed to regenerative ways of thinking, working, and living.



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